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Registration Terms
The board administrator has requested that all new registered users must agree to the following terms before registering and using the services on the board "Aydindril". Please read the following terms and if you agree to them, select the "I agree" button found at the bottom of the terms.

Note From Soulie, Webmaster/Owner

My Rules are not open for public discussion or debate. I run the page. I decide the rules. However, if you wish to e-mail me and discuss something, I will be more then happy to listen.

1) Please post in the appropriate Forum. If you do not, I or an administrator/moderator will just move your message anyway.

2) Signatures: Signatures are allowed as far as they aren't to big (pushing the board out of it's context), and the nipples must be covered(females), and the bottom half must be covered, sexually explicit or suggestive sigs aren't allowed. The avatar is a small image no larger then 100 pixels by 100 pixels. You may upload an avatar of your choosing or select one of the predefined ones. In your signature you may have up to six lines of text. This will include any blank lines in-between actual text. The text must be in the normal 10 to 12 point font size, but you may add bold or underlined emphasis. If you break these rules you will be notified, if the request is not met your signature/avatar will be removed. The second time you will no longer be allowed to have one of these.

3) Cursing is not necessary, though I will not ban it entirely. Like any other vice, it should be used in moderation. I will not tolerate overuse of curse words, nor will I permit curse words in the title of your thread. The thread will be removed and you will get two warnings on this issue. Your third offense will result in being banned (for a amount of time or entirely)

4) There will be no threatening other members of the page. If someone threatens you, then you tell one of the administrators/moderator. That post will be deleted and the person will get one warning. On the second offense you are GONE! If someone threatens you and you threaten back you will both get a warning. It's called being the bigger person.

5) When posting remember people under the age of 18 also use the page, and I am legally responsible for what goes on. So let's not do anything that might get me sued or Terry Goodkind for that matter. We got a special adult forum for things not appropriate for people under 18.

6) Use common sense when posting and do not do things you know will aggravate people just to aggravate them.

7)The Debate Forums are serious forums. It's purpose is to share differences and learn why others believe what they do. Respect others. Post an opinion and back it with facts. If you disagree with a member stick to the topic, post why you disagree and back it with facts. Do not insult or attack other posters or their opinions or beliefs. If you are insulted or attacked contact an administrator/moderator. Any problems should be delt with off of the board. People who do not follow the rules will have their posting privileges revoked for the amount of time administration deems suitable.

8)Posters are NOT to correct other peoples behavior or tell them what Soulie wants. If you see someone violating a rule, simply e-mail an admin/mod and it will be taken care of. Taking care of problems is why I have admins and mods.
Your Admins/Mods are: Krovikan, Soft Velvet, Cuda and Whisper. If you have any trouble, you can contact them or me.

I have final say over the page and sometimes will do what I feel is needed without the consent of the administrators, but in most cases I will talk to them first.

If you use the Board, then you are agreeing to the rules! Hope this helps everyone

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