First of i like to thank Terry Goodkind, because he spend a whole evening on the phone for answering our questions. He must have gotten a flat ear from the phone J Thanks Terry!
And offcourse i like to thank Zedd from prophets-inc (the official Terry Goodkind site), for making this whole chat possible and spending a whole evening hanging on the phone with Terry and typing all the answers and questions...poor Zedd can’t type for the next 3 months. J
Well, have fun reading the chat!!! Enjoy.

Session Start: Sat Oct 28 19:59:41 2000

Zedd: hi

ConfessrT> Congratulations Terry on making the best seller list. When you first sat
down an wrote WFR did you foresee the book having this kind of floading?
Thank you, When I first sat down to write WFR. I was only writing it for myself. When I
was half way through the book I decided I would try to sell it. I envisioned it’s success. I
think it is necessary to envision success with every endeavor. I would like to thank all of
my fans for getting me to number 2 on the NYT best sellers list.

sirdizzy> I think Tolkien is the father of all fnatasy have you ver read Tolkien if so did
you enhoy his books
No I have not read any of his books

Dragn> Based on your latest book, I can take for granted that you have read the books
of Ayn Rand; I'm curious, when did you first discover Rand? Oh, and _thank you_ very
much for writing your book
I have been a fan of Ayn Rand for 30 or 35 years. But more than that, I have been a
student of the philosophy of objectivism. Ayn Rand’s philosophical work is inseperatble
from her novels, which are based on her non fiction work. Titled Introduction to
Objectivist Epistemology. Epistemology is a science devoted to the discovery of the
proper methods of acquiring and validating knowledge, in other words truth.

Frezzin> Terry, I've loved your series since I first read WFR. I've taken a lot of the
morals and ideas you've put into the series into myself. Thank you for having such a
positive influence on my life. After reading FOTF, I thought of Nicci as one of the most
complex characters I've ever read. Did you know how complex she would be in SOT, or
did it take until FOTF for you to realize it?
Thank you for bringing such a thoughtful attitude to the books. When I wrote stone of
tears, I knew Nicci was a complex character, but she was also a minor character and I did
not give her much thought at the time. It was only later when I began plotting out FOTF
that I devoted a lot of time to her.

Neoguardian> Mr. Goodkind, though I'm sure you're tired of hearing it, I have to state
my own emphasis on how incredible your series is. I have one question about the end of did Brother Narev die? I thought I saw him break Richard's strangling grasp,
then a page or so later I saw him lying dead. What happened?
I want to make something clear first of all, that is I don’t get tired of people saying those
kinds of things for the following reasons. I believe of the importance and sanctity of the
idvidual. And when and individual tells me something, even though it may be similar to
what another individual says, it is unique because it comes from an individual. So from one
individual to another, thank you.
Now to answer the question: This is something that I should have made a little more clear
in the book. When you are writing something so massive as a book. And you have huge
quantities of information you are holding in your mind, you sometimes fail to be precise in
relaying that information. I had assumed that it would be clear when we come back to the
scene, that Richard had succeeded in over coming Brother Narev. But if I were to change
anything, I would have made it more clear because I can see where it can be easy to get
confused over that part.

Bumbo> Did you use the word "lardo" so much intentionally? I thought it was very
funny. If you didn't do it on purpose, what happened?
Yes it was intentional.

Mord-Sith> Why is it that you don't want close-ups of Kahlan drawn?
I intentionally leave certain things to the readers imagination because I think that it is
important for the reader to bring their own intellect to the story. When a reader adds their
own imagination, they are individualizing the story and making it their own. IF I were too
have a detailed picture of Kahlan it would take away some of that process.

fantasylover> greetings from the pacific northwest..did you enjoy the book tour?
Yes I had a really good time on the book tour. Everyone was very kind and I was honored
to have a chance to meet so many fine people.

sirdizzy> Have you started to write book 7 yet do you have any possible titles for it.
It is impossible to define where the process of writing the book begins for the following
reasons. A book is a product of the mind. Because it is an intelectual proccess, it is the act
of thinking, not the act of typing that is the process. In this sense I have begun writting
book 7. Just today, I was hiking up a mountain thinking about the story and the
characters. AS for the second part of the question I do have several titles in mind, but
haven’t decided yet on one. When I am sure what the title is going to be, I will let Brian
It is still very early in that process.

Neoguardian> Terry, have you read the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling at all?
Despite the difference in the kinds of stories you both write, do you see her success at all
as a challenge to your own?

Cloudreader> when you were writing WFR, what other titles for the book came to mind.
or was WFR just the first one,and you stuck with it.
I originally had a different working title, when I came up with WFR it was far superior, so
it was switched to that. Some of the books, for instance, FOTF, I knew the title before I
started writing it. Other books, for example SOTF, I hadn’t come up with a final title yet,
so I used with a working title for the sake of Identification. It wasn’t until I was well into
the book, that I came up with the title SOTF.

LordChaos> Hey, Mr. Goodkind. Do you have in your mind any idea, or set number of
books you wish to have for the Sword of Truth Series?
No. I love writing about Richard and Kahlan. Because each book has an ending I have the
opportunity to continue writing these stories that I love so much.

Whiplash7> More of a Statment: WFR is probably the best first book of a series I have
ever read. Look forward to all your future endevors, Thanks Terry Goodkind!
thanx, that means alot to me.

Sirdizzy> If ya have never really read fantasy, what inspired you to enter this genre of
That question is answered in detail in a talk that will be posted soon.
The transcript is currently being worked on

Neoguardian> It's about time I asked this, after seeing it hammered into my head so
often. Mr. Goodkind, why exactly don't you read other fantasy?
Would you prefer I read fanatsy or write fantasy.

Beamer> When you had time to watch movies did you have a favorite one?
I really enjoyed Toy Story 2

Bumbo> Terry, have you ever read The Scarlet Letter? If so, what did you think about
We had a choice of books to pick from in school and I chose other books.

Icewlf> I Terry, I wanted to thak you for portrtaying wolves in WFR in a more natural
light than other authors do, and was wondering if you have a personal interest in them or
Yes i love wolves. I used ot have one. Her name was Tundra. She was a very noble
creature. She taught me about wolves.

Neoguardian> Terry, has anyone accused you of stealing ideas from books that you
haven't read(i.e. Robert Jordan) and if so, how exactly does this make you feel?
Yes I have been accused of stealing ideas form many authors I have not read. IT goes to
show you that there are people out there with limited intellect or an agenda. I can’t
concerm myself with those few who are not able to get it. I write for intelligent people.

Alexander> Terry would you ever think about doing a sub series like about the Wizard's
War or the History of D'Hara..things like that?
Debt of Bones was a story outside of the series time line. And I may do something like
that again

searching> mr. goodkind firstly i loved FOTF it is without question one of the best
books i've ever read, now my question is how do you feel about licensing if there was in
interest in products about the sot books would you have an interest in seeing them made?
Thank you. This is an ongoing matter for consideration. It depends on a number of

?> Could an underlying theme of the series be that all levels of life have trials and tribulations,
and for every level it seems that others have it easy and that they have it hard? All we can
do is live our lives to the fullest and to our best ability?

KRMe> Terry... I must admit that I still don't understand the death of Woren... why did
he really have to die? What was the purpous in it?
There are a number of reasons. Primary of these is that in order to understand how
meaningless and individual life is to a collective like the imperial order. It must be shown
how precious an individual life is to those who value the individual. The fact that we all
mourn the loss of Warren illustrates those things we have in common. Namely the value of
life. It is impossible to convey abstract concepts such as liberty, the value of the individual
and the destructiveness of a collective society, without concretes. Parts like this in the
book help us to understand the characters who share our values. It also demonstrates
graphically the nature of the struggle and what’s at stake.

Kinslayer> Terry, as I looked at the book tour, I noticed that many dated happened on
days when many people had school, on this account, I think that many younger readers
couldn't attend (myself included). Do you plan on doing something about this in the
future, or will you keep the future tour dates the way they are?
When an author goes on Tour he must make the best use of his time. For the signings to
only be on weekends, it would mean many fewer signings or a lifetime of touring. A lot of
travel is involved and number of different factors must be weighed. For example. While
you have school and it would be more convienent for the signings to be on a weekend,
there are other fans who must work on the weekends and could not attend them unless
they were on a week day. So a publisher does their best to balance a number logistic
problems. I hope at a future signing we will have a chance to meet.

Eternal_Blood> Mr. Goodkind, when you are #1 on the NYT Bestsellers, what will your
next excuse be to keep your hair long?
I only said I would cut it. I never said how much!

Eternal_Blood> Mr. Goodkind, what was your inspiration for the character of Kahlan?
My idea was to show a noble individual. And illustrate some of the things meant by that.
The same applies to Richard. the purpose for both of them was to have the opportunity to
show some of lifes central values and their purpose.

Kinslayer> Terry, are you planning on ever releasing a picturee of 'spirit' so we can
see what it looks like with our eyes????
I think you see it quite clearly in your own mind, don’t you? And that is the best way to
see it.

Shotie> Terry, Darth Meowth would like to know if you know the origin of YOUR last
name, Goodkind?
It is German.

sirdizzy> Terry i am a numismatist (coin collector) what is your favorite design on a coin.
I got this because i think you like art after reading FOTF my favorite coin would be the
Standing Liberty Type 1 quarter.
Saint Goddens

Denna> Terry, how can you write in soo much detail and stay on track?
The details define the track. Concepts to be understood in a book require details. The
details in a readers mind recreate the original concepts. If a writer has a clear
understanding of his purpose and his concepts, details are all part of this whole and not a

Myna> How old is Zedd

Denna> Terry, what was your favorite book and who was your favorite author??
Atlas Shrugged or the Fountainhead. Both by Ayn Rand

Beamer> Terry have you been able to change your mailbox at your new home yet?
As a matter of fact, there is a strong possibility that is going to happen. It goes to show
that reason can prevail

?> Terry, have u ever concidered writing a second series after or while your writing 'THe
Sword of Truth' series?
This question is also covered by the Talk transcript that will be posted soon.

AdmiralPJ> ask him from me where he got the idea of the Mud People, i think they're
I really enjoy writing about the mud people.

mezodyn> are there any other existing pictures of you?
Sure. one of these days I have to get around doing a new one for future books

spark> Terry, One of the thughts that troubled me most in FotF was the contrast
between Lyle and Holly,the use of children in war, "As long as the child fights on our side
he/she has chosen correctly and it's OK" This is very sad. Did you have a real life example
in your mind when you introduced these characters?
You are misidentifying the character’s purpose. The premise as stated is in error. It is the
difference between murderer and victim. It is illogical to assume that it is somehow more
sad when one individual dies than another. Whether that individual is a child or an adult.
And it is wrong to ascribe equal moral value to similar actions taken for very different
reasons. What you are in essence saying is that to wrongfully attack someone is no worse
than to defend yourself against a wrongful attack. You are giving evil moral justification
by implying that the defense of ones own life is wrong (sad)

Myna> Terry do you get many letters from your fans or just a few?
I get quite a few letters and I answer them all, although it sometimes takes me some time
to get to them. Also TOR occasionally doesn’t forward my mail for quite awhile, which
adds to the delay. I just got a batch of mail the other day. Some of it was post marked
from last may. If you write to me care of TOR. I will do my best to answer.
I appreciate that people take the time to write. It means a lot to me

Alexander> Hello Terry, Josh McDaniel here :) I was just wondering how you feel exactly about Role
playing sites not necessarily using your characters but the basic idea's from your books,
such as Subtractive magic and War Wizards. Does this violate copyright?
It is strictly not allowed. While I can understand the desire to do this, I would like you to
know in the strongest possible terms that it violates my intent. It is a corruption of the

AdmiralPJ> what is Terrys theory on how to make a book have an element of horror, such as the disturbing scenes of Richards torture in book1?
This question will also be answered by that talk I keep refering too!

Bumbo> Terry, what are your feelings on major scientific theories? For instance, how
do you feel about global warming? The big bang theory? Evolution?
Propaganda for a hidden agenda. Very intriguing. Pretty clear cut

Myna> Terry is scarlet dead??? It never was 100% clear...since that dragon died we
neverreally knew for sure if it was scarelet or not.
Richard isn’t sure either is he?

Alexander> Terry I was wondering if you ever get tired of people asking you the same
questions over and over. How do you have such control as to not just bit their heads off?
I understand that people can’t know everything that has already been answered. They may
just be discovering Brian’s web page so they wouldn’t know everything that has been
asked. so I try to keep in mind the individuals perspective and be respectful of those, even
if it sometimes gets repetitious

lordpendrag> Mr. Goodkind, with all the faith in mankind you potray in your books, and
with all that is wrong with the world today is there any recent real events that give you
real faith in mankind. and do these events inspire you to write about them.
I write about the way the world can and ought to be. I don’t portray Faith in Mankind. I
portray Faith in individuals.

Shar> Hi Terry, this is Shar.... if you could be a character from a book you've read but
not written, what character would it be and why?
I would be John Galp. Read Atlas Shrugged and discover why.
The reason touches on things you and I discusssed at the signing

Keth> Terry, thank you for producing fantasy literature with deeper meaning and for challenging us, the readers, to apply our intellect to the world! Thanks also for sparing time to communicate personally with your readers. I look forward to your next work!
Thank you very much. I am honored to do so

?> Mr. Goodkind why is it such a violation to use these ideas in our own table-top rpg's
Using it for your own private purposes is not so much a violation of copyrights as it is a
violation of my intent and my trust. Imagine if you can coming home form vacation to
discover that someone has been living in your house, eating your food, sleeping in your
bed and driving your car. And as their excuse they say, “but I like your things” as if this
will make it ok.
There is also a differenc ebetween an RPG doen in the privacy of your home and one that is used online
There is a difference in the legal copyright issue, but not the moral issue

spark> Terry, have you ever visited a communist country and did that experience help
formulate yuor concept of the Old Workd?
No, but I am a student of history. And history is rife with the blody consequences of
collectivist theory.
I have a friend who escaped from a communist country and she told me I am only the second amerian she ever met, who truly understands the true violent, debilitating and desrtrutive nature of collectivism

KRMe> Terry The books on tape are really great. But I was just wondering if you might
consider reading one yourself onto tape. There have been a few that have done this.
Yes as a matter of fact I am considering this. My biggest problem and the reason I haven’t
done it so far is that my dyslexia makes me a poor reader

Chase> If you could dine with anyone from the past, who would it be?

blakeRz> Terry, everyone has a "blah" day every now and then, what do you do to
overcome these days and keep your writing at the excellent level that we've all come to
expect? :)
I always apply myself to the best of my abilities and never settle for any less. Sometimes I
think I am having a good day, then the next day when I go back to edit what I have
written, I realize I wasn’t having as good a day as I thought. Over a period of time, in the
process of writing , editing and correcting, I try to bring everything upto a uniform

JesseR> Terry, mind telling us who you are voting for?
if you have read this far into my series you ought to know the answer to that question

spark> Terry given your obvous study of sculpture for Faith of the Fallen, do you have a
favourite sculpture or favourite artist?
My favorite artist is Keith Parkinson. There are a number of sculptors I admire. They
would be the sculptores who hold the same values as I expressed in FOTF. Namely the
Nobility of the Human Spirit.

Terry: I would like to thank everyone for the Chat. I appreciate your time and your interest.
Thank you too for the excellent questions. It has been fun answering them. I would love to
do this again on another occasion.

Zedd: thamx from e too people. Fell free to srick around and discuss the cha tfor awhile

Session Close: Sat Oct 28 22:08:51 2000