Magic as metaphor

Milions of readers are helding their breath.
The sixth book of the Sword of truth series, Faith of the fallen, is by the reviews said as the best book from Terry Goodkind till now.

Here’s an interview with the writer:

Do you think yourself as a fantasy author?
Fantasy is about magic, my books are about people.
I like to write about the essence of people: what lets people live their life? What does he or she wanna reach? What do people wanna be?
The creation of other worlds isn’t the main purpose for me, i want to tell a story about people. What’s going true ones head when he’s about to loose his life? Of one who’s endangering someone elses life?
What’s important for someone: love, loyalty, some cause?
I use fantasy elements especialy as metaphors for other things.

Can you name an example?
I use magic sometimes a s a metaphor for technology.
Like the sister who use magicaly traveling books – that stands for e-mail. No problem. Magic is for me sometimes a metaphor for freedom and individuality to.
The powers who are fighting against magic are depression, tirany and collectivism.

What do you think about getting compared to Robert Jordan or George R.R. Martin?
It’s actually odd to be compared to other authors, but i do understand why readers do that.
Fantasy came from the ancient story’s that were told around the campfire’s; allot of myths, archetyps and human elements are always coming back in fantasy books. Allot of authors are using that big source.
No wonder that the readers are comparing thoose authors then.
That’s actually exactly why i don’t read fantasy: i don’t want to be influenced by that. The story’s have to be as much as possible my own.

By what do you want to be influenced?
Actuel happenings, history and human feelings. I think about the heart of the story, the red line. But at the same time i’m making an emotional plan, i think about what emotions i wanna use. Per chapter, but per book to. Stone of tears was because of that kinda dark, there where much black feelings in it. In the third book i made a bit more adventure because of that. And with the fourth book, temple of the winds, i wanted to pull people true an emotional knot. That was a really hard book to write.
I want everytime something different.

Is every book in the serie a book on itself?
Yes, you can read everybook appart. Every book has to bring a solution in a big conflict, while it fits in the bigger context of the serie to.
But if you haven’t read anything from me before, you can just start reading Faith of the fallen, that’s no problem. There isn’t any foreknowledge needed.

Where do you get your magic and monsters? Why are the by you imaginned names relative simple?
I try to write the way that you can easily say it.
How i get my ideas? Sinds i was a little boy i got persons in my head who tell me story’s. They are always been verry important to me. I just write down what allready exists, i don’t have to think of anything. Just like a mucisian has allready the music in his head, i think.

You’ve had all kind of jobs: carpenter, violin maker, artist. Why do you write 12 to 14 hours a day now?
I like to try things out. And i like to excel in something. Doesn’t matter what, is it making violins or racing a car: i want to be the best. And for the rest: everything i’ve done so far was a search to what i really wanted to do – and that was writing. Writing books is my biggest dream, it’s more important for me then anything in the world.

How manny books are there coming in the sword of truth serie?
I love Richard, Kahlan and Zedd. I love to write about them. And it’s great to introduce new persons and ideas in the serie.
I really don’t know how much books there are coming.

From the translator:
Ok, sorry if there are any misspellings, but i had to translate this from a dutch magazine, and if ya ask me i did a verry good job. It took me almost a hour, and i have the idea i know all the hard words in the dictionary now.